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I was t-boned by an uninsured driver who blew through a stop sign in front of a LA traffic control officer (actually two of them), so I had the best of witnesses to prove I was absolutely not at fault. In spite of having uninsured and underinsured coverage with Allied/Nationwide, it has been a nightmare. Being 360 miles from home without a vehicle is bad enough, but the attitude of my insurance company, who you would think would try to help,... Read more

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I have been enrolled with Nationwide Ins. Auto and Home policies. This past May 23rd 2016 I met with and accident ( not at fault) . My car was an expensive one and I had a full coverage policy with extra cost of "New Car Replacement, PLUS". Nationwide refuse to reimburse me the right value of the car. They offer me the same amount of money as the other party's Ins. had offered . My car was purchased cash . Nationwide is not a reliable company... Read more

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I've just started my insurance with Nationwide few weeks ago, I'm not very happy with them, they are way to high I can't afford their prices, I'm on a fixed income, the same guy that I've been talking to told me if I cancel I will have to pay a penalty, I went off on him I said to him "I'M NOT PAYING IT!! SHOVE IT UP YOUR***. I didn't call him today he actually called me to upset me I don't need the pressure I'm under enough stress that I can't... Read more

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nation wide is not just or fair with customer charged shortrate when it was not fair they did not gain any thing but a lot of lost bussines but if thats what they want so be it

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I have had a BAD experience with SMARTRIDE. I had 19% discount and my husband 21% discount and our rates went UP. Each time the policy renews they go UP. Our agent's response: "They" will find some way to get the money out of you. It must've gone up throughout the state. other sister and son also have Nationwide and their rates did NOT go up. As well the discount is a farce. It only discounts maybe 4 parts of your auto... Read more

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Nationwide Insurance - Branching Out!
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On July 6th during a rain storm, 2 limbs fell on my new car from a neighbors tree. The neighbor told us his Home Owners Insurance will take care of it, to this day we haven't heard a word from the neighbor, so when I approached him, he yelled and said some dirty words and said his insurance wasn't going to do anything, to file against my home owners, to leave him alone. My insurance said it is his responsibility, because the tree is in his yard.... Read more

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I participated in the Smart Ride program for the second time. And for the 2nd time, even though I was told I earned a discount - the latest 21% - my insurance premiums went UP! I fell for the 1st time being told rates went up state wide. But here I am being told the same thing again when I ask why I received such an increase when I was expecting a discount!? So my rates would've went up even more if I hadn't earned my Smart Ride discount?? ... Read more

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Be careful of Nationwide's "bait and switch" online auto insurance quotes (at least for Connecticut). After spending time selecting the personalized coverage I wanted ("your way coverage"), I had a six month quote of $650/ $108 monthly......(I am the only driver, no accidents 40 years, good credit), yet at final checkout I noticed the premium had more than doubled to a six month premium of $1,447/ $214 monthly. The only change was that I... Read more

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Had me under the wrong vehicle sent me a smart ride device. I'm just going to send it back. I have read they are famous for this mistake and in the end will keep this thing on my car a yr to get a discount. Awful. How could u get every sliver of info and I'm uninsured? I'm bout to cancel. Find another insurance. That is ***!

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Was not happy with this smart ride at all!! It was a waste of my time. Amazing how I received only 10% off! When all my reports were so good? Then to add more to my bill because the rates went up in my area! Really how convenient? So what was the point here? Plus I sent it back when they said to. But now I might be charged $50 because they haven't received it yet!? First they Advertise you can receive up to 30% off now I see their... Read more

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