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My vehicle was struck by a car insured by Harleysville Preferred Insurance (A Nationwide Subsidiary) on 07/04/2014 and nearly two years later, property damage is not resolved and Nationwide has instructed their employees to not respond to any information regarding this claim. The field agent wrote an estimate for 1500.00 who demanded a Mercedes vehicle can be repaired by any shop at the quoted price. The estimate was intentionally low-balled with many holdbacks. No shop in the world car repair my vehicle to pre-loss condition based upon the... Read more

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HI, We joined Nationwide 1 year ago. We have completed the Smart Drive program for potential discount. The 40% discount potential is misleading in that the discounts apply to hand picked items* and isn't a blanket discount. We qualified for 31% on those items* that are hand picked. Our 31% resulted in about 6% discount. Some of those discounts are erased by rate increases. Nationwide agents lack the knowledge to itemizes the discounts. However a Smart Drive representative can detail the discounts. So in summary it is disgusting in that... Read more

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On July 4th 2015 an insured driver with Nationwide had a seizure and ran off the road taking our mailbox, landscaping and planters with flowers. As of today, 3/21/2016 we have not been paid. The claims representative Corey Millet, does not respond to emails with a request for any updates and we can provided every document and photo available to us. We originally had an incorrect address but confirmed the correct one and received ONE reply that he had the items we sent on 2/11/16. Read more

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After having all five of my mars and my home with Nationwide for 25 years they cancelled me. We had a string of unfortunate and unpreventable issues occur within a two year period with our home. Roof Damage, Hot water line broke in slab, main sewage drain line broke under slab. All this was covered for a total of approximately tenty thousand dollars which is what y9u would expect when you pay your premiums annually for coverage. However, Nationwide then determined we were high risk and canceled our homeowners policy (approximate premium... Read more

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Called nationwide variable life insurance tho cancel my policy within 10 days free lookup period. Rep gave me fax number that did not work. Called again, they told me they are recording and it will be cancelled. Called again same day..other rep said it's not cancelled and there is no evidence of recording. She gave me email address to wet sign scan and send email. I sent email it bounced back as incorrect email. They are ready to cancel out seems. Please stay way from nationwide life insurance policies. Read more

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I will never come back to Nationwide Insurance, and will encourage all that I can to NEVER use your company. I have been a valued customer for years, I have been prompt in payment, and never file a claim in the many years I was with your company. Since I've decided that your rates are ridiculous and decide to leave, you send me this *** bill that I feel I do not owe. This should have been waived seeing as I never had any rate deductions for being there for years. PITIFUL customer loyalty. NEVER AGAIN... I will make sure that everyone know how... Read more

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Horrible...they have screwed up everything I ask them to do.... They cancelled insurance when should not have and cancelled a discount that I still have in effect... Complete morons. I have to go behind everything they do and make hundreds phone calls to do their job. Unbelievable Add comment

I simply cannot fathom why Nationwide would lower themselves to use a known rapist in their commercials. Even before I discovered this information, I found the commercials to be very annoying and now I just want to withdraw all of my investments with them and be rid of of anything to do with Nationwide. Look it up ... you'll find his father paid the young lady he raped off in a settlement. Then he also sexually molested one of his trainers and ended up having to pay her an out of court settlement. Then he violated the terms of that... Read more

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The worst insurance company ive ever delt with. Only had them one month. Payed my first payment when i sat up my account. Was told i was all good little did i know they had sent my account to collections. They sent it in for three times my premium. Emails and bank statements show the payment was payed in full yet they claim i owe 60 bucks more. And without any bill of this just straight to a creditor. Which i spend several yers cleaning my credit score and finally it was clean no negitives. Now because of their internal mistake ive got to... Read more

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I've been a NW customer for many, many years. In November of '15, I had water in my finished basement. I called NW and they told me that the water is from ground water. They guy was lazy and a complete bully. He sends an inspector out and without looking or lifting the carpet, he also concluded the water was also from ground water. After I did some looking, it was concluded that the water was coming from a leaky tube from a refrigerator, not from ground water. It was clear that my insurance covers this kind of problem. From that point... Read more

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